Ball, “Assessing Scholarly Multimedia”

Ball, Cheryl E. (2012). Assessing scholarly multimedia: A rhetorical genre studies approach. Technical Communication Quarterly, 21, 61–77.

Ball offers her method of shared evaluation for student webtexts. As she notes, the challenge of assessing webtexts is the way that form and content are intertwined. Accordingly, she facilitates assessment tools—rubrics—that focus attention on design. Referencing Kress: “Design is the servant of rhetoric—or, to put it differently: the political and social interests of the rhetor are the generative origin and shaping influence of the semiotic arrangements of the designer” (Kress 50 qtd in Ball 63). Although recognizing that the webjournal Kairos does not have “a standard set of criteria that the editorial board uses to evaluate webtext”, she also believes students should be able to articulate, circulate, and critique the criteria of the course. She has students read three different kinds of rubrics used to assess webtexts and uses those as a means to create a rubric with her students.


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